Jennifer Fuller – Marriage Counselor

Jennifer Fuller MA, LPC
Marriage Counselor

Jennifer Fuller Counselor in Cape Girardeau
Jennifer Fuller is a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling. Jennifer also works with individuals dealing with Anxiety and Depression, Grief, and Trauma. Jennifer has experience as a substance abuse counselor and can help individuals and couples dealing with the aftermath of substance abuse.

As a Marriage Counselor, Jennifer believes in the beneficial power counseling can bring to help couples heal from past pain and hurts. Jennifer understands that it may have taken years for you to get to the point that you come to counseling, but if both partners are committed to change, marriage counseling works wonders.

Jennifer uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with most of her clients when it is appropriate. Jennifer believes that counseling is a way for people to learn more about themselves and heal from past hurts. As a counselor she loves to listen to what her clients have to say since she believes many have never had anyone to talk to before. Jennifer wants her clients to feel like their voices are important heard. She believes that counseling should be an empowering experience for her clients.

Jennifer has afternoon, evening, and some morning appointments in our Cape Girardeau office.

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science from the University of North Dakota
Master’s of Arts in Professional Counseling at Liberty University

Licensed Professional Counselor
Real Colors
Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
Seeking Safety
Substance Abuse Treatment
Certified TeleMental Health Counselor

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys camping, traveling to State and National Parks, and visiting with family.

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