HCC Relationship Newsletter Archives

Here are the archives of our Quarterly HCC Relationship Newsletter!  The newsletter will include various relationship articles, as well as regular content like Spice Up Date Night, Couples Corner, a Singles Section & Heartland Counseling Center Happenings.  We hope you enjoy these and get some great relationship building tips!


Spring 2014
Spring has Sprung!

Yes!  It’s finally spring!  Finally time to get outside, clear out the dust in our homes and in our lives and start something new!  Spring always has a sense of renewal, of promise, of hope for a better tomorrow.


But what if you don’t know how to get started?  Well, this edition of our Newsletter has great advice to start something new.  Whether you’re looking for a new way to improve your relationship or you’re looking for something new to do just for yourself, you’ll find practical and fun advice and tips in this edition.


Read the Spring 2014 HCC Newsletter.


Winter 2013-2014


Welcome to the first edition of Heartland Counseling Center’s Relationship Newsletter!  We’re excited to roll out this newsletter and hope that you find the information  provided beneficial.


In every edition you will find the following information:


♥      Spice Up Date Night:  this page will have creative ideas to make Date Night a  more memorable experience for you and your partner


♥     Couples Corner:  this page will have an article on a couples-related topic.  This month features an article on 4 Communication Skills to improve your  relationship


♥      Singles Section:  this page will have an article on a singles-related topic.  This month, check out our article on Staying Safe in the Internet Dating World


♥      Heartland Counseling Center Happenings:  this page will have information regarding events and other exciting news from Heartland Counseling Center.


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