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Need professional support in your life?  Want to live the life you dream of?  Individual Counseling or Marriage Counseling can help you get back on track!

Counseling Services for Individuals

Counseling Services in Cape GirardeauHeartland Counseling Center offers Individual Counseling Services to address a wide variety of concerns:
Anxiety Counseling Services
Depression Counseling Services
Anger Management Counseling Services
Grief Counseling Services

Or maybe you’re just feeling stressed or overwhelmed with life in general.  Many people seek Counseling Services for loss of a loved one, grief, job stress, and family conflict.  Often, you may find one presenting problem affecting multiple areas of your life.  By seeking assistance from a trained Counselor, many people are able to gain insight into the cause of their problems and learn more healthy coping strategies as they face life’s inevitable challenges.  Why wait?  You can make a change today!


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Marriage Counseling

Heartland Counseling Center offers Marriage Counseling and Couples Counseling to address a wide variety of relationship issues. We frequently work with couples dealing with cheating and infidelity.  Trust problems following cheating and infidelity often create a wound in your relationship that may seem beyond repair. Our trained Marriage Counselors can help rebuild trust and put your relationship back together after a breach of trust.  Marriage Counseling can also help couples develop better communication skills and work through many common relationship problems like financial strain and disagreements over parenting styles.  We’re also here to help when one or both partners feels disconnected, whether emotionally, physically, or sexually.  Don’t become another divorce statistic.  Contact us today to rebuild your relationship!


Child Counseling, Teen Counseling, & Family Counseling 

Please visit to learn about our Child Counseling, Teen Counseling, & Family Counseling services.

Heartland Counseling Center provides specialized Counseling Services and Marriage Counseling to meet your unique needs.  Take the next step today.


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